Thursday, 19 May 2011


louie+jesse are a visual/sound/performance art collective of two core members, with varying associates. Having trained at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, they work in multiforms such as performance installation, sound sculpture, and site-specific video, combining an enthusiasm for new technologies and materials with an analogue aesthetic. They are particularly interested in the interplay between external space and personal body, their pieces are often politically engaged and respond to place, history and community. 

Previous works includes  Capillary a large scale installation developed as part of the Ganze/Teile exhibition in a derelict office building in East Berlin, July-August 2010.  This installation consisted of vast quantities of bright industrial drainage tubing carry sounds from one place in the building to another. The tubes disappear and reappear through the many holes in the floors, ceilings and other areas, not limited by rooms or straight walls, some paths traceable and some unclear.  

 histoires concrètes is a project realised by louie+jesse in PeerGrouP’s P.A.I.R. ( – a temporary residence for artists. It consists of two six-metre containers where the artists lived and worked for one month (Nov/Dec 2010). Situated in a remote rural location - between fields, wood and mudflats, near the village of Finsterwolde.  The final piece for this project formed an unconventional map of the local area, inviting physical experience of place and exploring both the limitations and potential of ‘history’ and communal narratives. Made from local clay soil, the sculptures embody the different processes evident in the landscape, and changed radically daily with the weather.

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