Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Aliceson Carter

Aliceson Carter, Homage to the 1968 Paris protests and the legacy of Marcel Duchamp, 2008

We would like to introduce the practice of each artist taking part in the Post-Industrial Revolution residency . We begin with Aliceson Carter. Her Art practice revolves around observation, and as such reflects the world around us. She graduated from Goldsmiths College in 2009.  During her time there she made a piece of work where she paid homage to the 1968 Paris protests and the legacy of Marcel Duchamp (who died in Paris in 1968). She carried a urinal from his Paris residence to Birkbeck University in London, documenting the journey in a 5hr video piece. This was shown at 1968: Impact & Implications conference in July 2008.  Since graduating she has taken part in a research lead project in Berlin, documenting the Berlin border of today with Kodachrome photographic film from the 1980s, when the Berlin Wall was in force.  A 2010 residency in Sweden documented the Tranäs Cruising event, an annual parade of hundreds of restored vintage American cars around the town.  She has also recently travelled to Kansas to record the last days of Kodachrome processing for my Kodachrome Pre Paid Processing Packet Project.  In all these projects she has been interested in exploring the community, history & locale. This has lead to making work that focuses on the sense of time & place and our interactions within them. 

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